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GF = Gluten-Free Items

Weekday Lunch Buffet With Glass Of Wine Or Soda
~ $11.95 ~

Weekend Maharaja Brunch Buffet With Champagne, Served Saturday & Sunday 12:00PM 3:00PM
~ $14.95 ~


(dine in and take out)
Daily 11:30AM to 2:30PM


Lentil Soup, lemon, curry leaves $  5.00
Cumin Spiked tomato soup $  5.00
Samosa Chat, spiced chickpeas $  6.00
Goat cheese and spinach Naan $  7.00
Chicken basil Naan $  8.00
Natural grilled basil chicken, greens, light vinaigrette $12.00
Shrimp Kabab, corn salad, onions, coriander and chaat masala $12.00

(served with rice, bread and dal)

Saag Paneer  GF
Spiced pureed spinach, paneer cheese.
$  9.00
Bindi  GF
Okra, onions, dry mango powder.
$  9.00
Aloo Gobi  GF
Cauliflower, potatoes, cumin, turmeric, chili powder.
$  9.00
Mattar Paneer  GF
Peas, paneer cheese, onion-tomato sauce.
$  9.00
Chicken Tikki Masala
Chicken Coondapur
Coconut gravy, potatoes, curry leaves.
Lamb Madras
Coconut, dry red chilies, curry leaves.
Keena Matar
Minced lamb, peas, onions, garlic, garam masala.
Shrimp Pappas
Coconut-tomato sauce, mustard seeds, tamarind.
Fish Moilee  GF
Coconut, ginger, lemon, curry leaves.

(dine in only)

Maa Ki Pyaar
Bindi ghar ki, gobi matter, baigan bharta, dal served with dahi, white rice and chapatti.
Yogi Thali  (No onions, garlic or ginger)
Red pumpkin, fresh spinach, cauliflower, dal served with dahi, brown rice and chapatti.
Chicken masala lamb madras, gobi matter, dal served with dahi, white rice and Naan.
Patra Ni Machi
Haryali fish, cauliflower, baigan bharta, dal served with dahi, brown rice and chapatti.


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GF = Gluten-Free Items



Mulligatawny Soup  GF
A savory lentil soup.
$  5.00
Onion Bhaja  GF
Onion fritters
$  5.00
Crispy turnovers stuffed with cauliflower and potatoes.
$  6.00
Keema Samosa
Crispy turnovers stuffed with spiced lamb.
$  7.00
Lasoni Gobi  GF
Tangy cauliflower tossed with onions and bell peppers.
$  8.00
Tamarind Eggplant  GF
Eggplant smothered with tamarind chutney and chaat masala.
Kurkuri Bhindi  GF
Okra tossed with onions and sprinkled with lime.
Ragara Patties  GF
Potato patties and chickpeas layered with two chutneys and yogurt.
Paneer Tikka Multani  GF
Skewered paneer cheese in green masala.
$  9.00
Reshmi Kabab  GF
Skewered chicken rolls.
Pahadi Chicken Kabab  GF
Spicy tandoor fired spicy chicken tenders.
$ 9.00
Baghari Jhinga  GF
Creamy shrimp served with luchi bread.
Kabab Platter  GF
A medley of our favorite kababs.


Free Range Chicken Tandoor  GF
Tandoor fired, natural hormone-free chicken on the bone.
Chicken Tikka  GF
Skewered chicken tenders.
Chicken Basil Tikka
Creamy chicken tenders grilled to perfection.
Seekh Ke Qaafli Kabab  GF
Skewered lamb rolls.
Shrimp Haryali
Tandoor fired in green masala.
Wild Tandoor Salmon
Grilled salmon with tandoor spices.
Lamb Chops  GF
Ginger flavored skewered chops.
Tandoor Mix Grill  GF
A platter of kababs.


We can substitute any of these entrees with free range natural half a chicken on the bone $20

Chicken Balti  GF
A British Indian influence prepared with vegetables.
Chili Chicken (spicy)
An Indo-Chinese favorite with green chilies, ginger & scallions.
Butter Chicken  GF
A popular Punjahi creamy tomato dish.
Kozhi Chettinad (spicy)  GF
Pepper chicken from the house of Chettiyars.
Chicken Saag  GF
Cooked with spinach and ginger.
Chicken Tikka Masala  GF
Cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.
Chicken Khorma  GF
A mild preparation with almonds, raisins and bay leaves.
Chicken Chutneywala  GF
A curried mango and mint preparation.
Chicken Kondapur  GF
Coconut curry with curry leaves.
Chicken Makmura  GF
A Calcutta Jewish favorite with almonds and raisins.

If you have a food allergy, please inform your server


Fish Moilee  GF
A popular coconut fish curry from Kerala.
Goan Fish Curry (spicy)  GF
A popular coconut tamarind curry.
Shrimp Balchao
A tangy Goan curry with coconut, mustard seeds, curry leaves and jaggery.
Chingri Malai Curry  GF
Shrimp cooked in a creamy coconut sauce with raisins.
Konju Pappas  GF
A shrimp dish cooked with tomatoes, coconut and kokum.


Chicken $18.00
Lamb $20.00
Shrimp $21.00
Veg/Paneer $14.00
Vindaloo  GF
A Goan preparation with red chilies, vinegar and ginger.
Phall  GF
A British Indian curry with green chilies, tomatoes and onions.


Tandoor white flour bread.
$  3.50
Garlic Naan $  4.00
Onion Naan $  4.00
Chili/Onion Naan (spicy) $  4.00
Peshawari Naan (fruit/nut) $  5.00
Paneer Naan $  6.00
Goat Cheese Naan $  7.00
Chicken Basil Naan $  7.00
Keema Naan (lamb) $  7.00
Paratha $  3.50
Aloo Paratha $  5.00
Tandoori Roti $  3.50
Poori $  4.00


Lamb Saag  GF
Cooked with spinach and ginger.
Lamb Bhuna Mirchwala (spicy)  GF
A dry curry preparation with green chilies.
Dalcha  GF
A Hyderabadi specialty with lamb and lentils.
Rogan Josh  GF
A popular lamb curry.
Lamb Pepper Fry (spicy)  GF
A dry peppercorn preparation with coconut.
Lamb Madras (spicy)  GF
A Chennai favorite with coconut, dry red chilies and curry leaves.
Lamb Pasandey
A mild preparation with creamy almond sauce.


Kidney beans, tomatoes, onions and ginger.
Dal Mein Kala  GF
Our version of dal makhni.
Dal Tadka  GF
A popular Punjahi preparation with lentils and cumin.
Chana Masala  GF
A chickpeas preparation with onions and garden herbs.
Punjabi Kadhi  GF
Tangy yogurt, cumin, ginger and onions.
Navratan Korma $14.00
Sarson Da Saag (spicy)  GF
A preparation with spinach and mustard greens.
Aloo Gobi Ghar Ki  GF
A home-style preparation of potatoes and cauliflower.
Saag Paneer  GF
Spinach and paneer cheese cooked with ginger.
Saag Tarkari  GF
Spinach cooked with vegetables.
Kadai Paneer
Pandeer cheese tossed with onions and bell peppers.
Malai Kofte
Paneer raisins croquettes topped with a nutty cream sauce.
Mattar Paneer  GF
Paneer cheese and green peas cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.
Bindi Masala Sasuralwali  GF
Okra you would eat at your-in-laws house.
Baigan Bharta  GF
Pureed eggplant cooked with fresh spices.
Vegetable Manchurian (spicy)
Vegetable balls, soy ginger flavor and green chilies.


Raita Ghar Ka
Plain yogurt with potatoes, chili powder and cumin.
$  4.00
Mango Chutney
A sweet relish with panch poran tadka.
$  3.00
Spicy Pickle.
$  3.00


Vegetable Pulav
Basmati rice, paneer cheese and fresh vegetables.
Lemon Rice
Tempered with curry leaves, mustard seeds and lentils.
$ 6.00
Coconut Rice
Tempered with pappad, coriander and curry leaves.
$ 6.00
Dhabewali Biryani (no nuts or raisins)
A basmati rice preparation with roasted spices and garden herbs.
Chicken $16.00
Lamb $18.00
Vegetables $12.00
Peas Pulav
Basmati rice and green peas tempered with cumin.
$  3.00


Rice pudding.
$  5.00
Matka Kulfi (no nuts)
Homemade malai ice-cream.
$  5.00
Gulab Jamun
Fried milk balls in a sugar syrup.
$  5.00


Classic Martini
Belvedere served chilled and neat, garnished with olives.
$  9.00
Kettle One, Hiram Mango Liqueur, Cointreau and fresh lime juice.
$  9.00
Pomegranate Martini
Absolute, Triple Sec, Pomegranate liquor and fresh lime juice.
$  9.00
Ginger Lime Fizz
Smirnoff, Cointreau, ginger and lime juice with a splash of cranberry.
$  9.00
Coconut Martini
Kettle One, Coconut Rum with a splash of pineapple juice and a touch of fresh coconut.
$  9.00
Lychee Martini
Grey Goose, Lychee Liqueur, served chilled.
$  9.00
Cuervo Gold Tequila and Triple Sec muddled with mango juice and fresh lime.
$  9.00
Cuervo Gold Tequila, Tamarind and Triple Sec.
$  9.00
Ultimate Margarita
Tequila, Triple Sec with fresh lime juice and a touch of orange juice.
$  9.00
Pina-Coco Spritzer
Smirnoff, Pineapple Coconut Vodka, orange juice, splash of Prosecco.
$  9.00
Kachumber Cooler
Muddled cucumber, green chili pepper, cilantro, Tanqueray Gin, lime juice, simple syrup.
$  9.00
Raspberry Cooler
Raspberry Vodka, Triple Sec, lemonade, splash of 7-up.
$  9.00
Lutf (Indian Mojito)
Absolut Vodka, coconut water, muddled mint leaves, splash lime juice.
$  9.00
Mauja Hi Mauja
Captain Morgan White Rum, apple juice, fresh lime, mint, splash of soda, cinnamon stick and apple slice garnish.
$  9.00
Vodka, Gin, Rum flirts with mango, oj, strawberry.
$  9.00
lTaj Mahal (22oz.) - India $ 10.00
Kingfisher (22oz.) - India $ 10.00
Haywards 5000 - India $ 10.00
Kingfisher - India $  5.50
Sam Adams $  5.50
Stella Artois $  5.50
Miller Lite $  5.50
Corona $  5.50
Guiness Dark Ale $  6.00
New Castle Brown $  5.50
Becks (non-alcoholic) $  5.50
Pinot Grigio $  8.00
Prosecco $  8.00
Merlot $  8.00
Chardonnay $  8.00
Pinot Noir $  8.00
Cabernet Sauvignon $  8.00
Sauvignon Blanc $  8.00
Malbec $  8.00
Shiraz $  8.00
Zonin Prosecco $  8.00
Matua Sauvignon Blanc $ 10.00
Sonoma Cutrer "Russian River" Chardonnay $ 14.00
Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay $  9.00
14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon $  9.00
Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon $ 10.00
Trapiche Brquel Malbec $  9.00
Zonin Prosecco
Fresh sparkling wine with a vibrant bouquet of apple, white peach and honeysuckle flavors.
$ 30.00
Bortoluzzi Pinot Grigio
Fresh fruit and spring flowers aromas, mellow and fresh at the same time, structured, showing balance, body and persistence.
$ 32.00
Vicolo Pinot Grigio
Refreshing and mellow citrus and fruit flavors and aromas.
$ 22.00
Matua Sauvignon Blanc
A distinctive and aromatic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, delivering bright and lively gooseberry and passion fruit characters with a hint of lime.
$ 36.00
Hogue Riesling
A delicate blend of apricot and tangerine, crisp, refreshing acidity and slightly sweet.
$ 24.00
Sonoma Cutrer "Russian River" Chardonnay
Aromas of jasmine and rose petal give way to tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. Roasted hazelnut joins nougat and almond butter finishing with a touch of lime and lychee.
$ 45.00
Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay
This bottling is fresh, soft Chardonnay with appealing sweet citrus fruit character with subtle oak nuances.
$ 27.00
Kenwood Merlot
Bright red fruit aromas of cherry and plum combine with complex notes of clove and liquorish, well-structured elegant tannins contribute to a long pleasing finish,
$ 28.00
La Crema Pinot Noir
Fresh fruit flavors of pomegranates, cherries and currants with complementing aromas of strawberries, pomegranates and cherries.
$ 38.00
Apothic Red Blend
Intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry, complemented by hints of mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla.
$ 26.00
14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon
This Cabernet flaunts intense aromas of berries and spice, while a hint of bramble lingers in the background. Bright, juicy fruit flavors are complimented by refined, velvety tannins.
$ 27.00
Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon
Notes of blackberry, black currant and dried herbs. On the palate the wine is rich and juicy with black fruits, round tannins and a touch of smoky oak. Bright berry flavors persist throughout the long finish.
$ 36.00
Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon
A rich bouquet of dark cherry, cocoa, clove and plum.
$ 45.00
Trapiche Brquel Malbec
Aged for 15 months in new oak barrels, this wine shows a complex balance of fruit and oak with notes of currant, berries and a spicy finish.
$ 30.00
Francis Ford Coppola Rosso Shiraz
The Rosso Shiraz bursts with aromas of mixed berries, juicy plums and a touch of vanilla. Luscious flavors of boysenberry jam, crushed blackberry and spice seduce the palate while a subtle sweetness accompanies the finish.
$ 28.00
Still Water      $2.00 Small      $5.00 Large
Sparkling       $2.95 Small       $5.95 Large
Lassi Yogurt Smoothies
Mango, strawberry, sweet, salty and chais (spicy).
$  5.00
Madras Coffee $  3.50
Masala Chai $  5.50
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Club Soda, Sierra Mist and Tonic $  2.95
Root Beer $  3.50
Lime Soda $  3.50

If you have a food allergy, please inform your server

GF = Gluten-Free Items

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